SpoonTalk is now SpiceMailer

We have changed out name from SpoonTalk to SpiceMailer. We feel that the name SpiceMailer resonates better with the type of product we are building. hence the change in name

How to Setup Goals in Google Analytics

Goals Menu - GA

In this post I will talk about setting up conversion tracking with Google Analytics.  I will share my experience on how  I had setup Goals for Webriti.  For those of you dont know,  I am on of the Founders . We develop and sell Premium WordPress Themes on Webriti In my mind , Conversion tracking […]

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5 tips to improve opt-in subscriptions to your email marketing list

A simple pop-up subscription form

We know building a permission-based list is more profitable than the ones you obtain by scraping or buying from agencies, but on the downside, it’s a time consuming activity. Depending on the content and traffic of your website, or the resources you use, making a healthy list might take months to build-up. Though there’s nothing […]

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Spamming vs opt-in email marketing – three reasons to say no to buying lists


The money is in the list. If you have ever given the digital marketing thing a thought, you must have come across this phrase. Be it any form of marketing, unless you have an audience to market to, your campaign is like shouting in an empty auditorium. Wider the audience target, better it works. But […]

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5 simple ways to make most of Thank you Pages

What are Thank you Pages? When a user subscribers to a newsletter, he / she is then directed to a “Thank you for Subscribing Page”.  Most of the times these are plain vanilla Thank you pages, however with a few simple tweaks , these pages can boost the conversion rates for your website. Why are […]

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Why you should never buy facebook Fans

In this post I will discuss if it is a good practice to buy Facebook Fans. A quick search on the internet will show that almost everybody believes that buying Facebook fans are a bad idea. A lot of them say that buying Facebook likes is “outright cheating”. Now whether buying FB fans are cheating […]

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5 Real Life Case studies which show how Social Media can drive sales

OK.. So a slew of latest research studies have shown that social interactions does result into sales.  In this post I would highlight 5 real world case studies which show how building an effective social media presence result in increased revenues and improved branding. 1) HubSpot : Link to the study Hubspot is a technology […]

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Yes Sir, Social Media does result in sales!!

A lot of us know that Social Media interactions does result into actual sales. Unlike search, social sharing is not the perfect signal for intent. However, it does not mean that social media does not influence purchase decision. In Fact Social media does help in building intent or nudging visitors towards a purchase. The correlation […]

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Some interesting Facts comparing Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Lately there have been a lot of discussions comparing Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.  Some people say that Social Media Marketing is the future and Email is dead while the facts suggest otherwise. The fact is that  Email still beats the light out of SMM. No doubt email is boring and old and unsexy […]

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Hello world!

small hand drawn arro blue

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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