5 Real Life Case studies which show how Social Media can drive sales

OK.. So a slew of latest research studies have shown that social interactions does result into sales.  In this post I would highlight 5 real world case studies which show how building an effective social media presence result in increased revenues and improved branding.

1) HubSpot :

Link to the study

Hubspot is a technology company which sells inbound marketing software. They launched a campaign on Facebook with an aim of engaging their prospective customers. The results were  staggering to say the least. The company witnessed 71% increase in sales from Facebook and 39% increase in traffic coming from Facebook .

2) Joie De Vuvre:

Link to the Study

Joie De Vivre operate 33 Luxury Hotels in California. It utilizes social media channels to distribute deal and coupons to its fan base.  With this strategy , Joe De Vivre has booked over 1000 room nights at virtually no cost.

3) Justin Boots:

Link to the Study

Justin Boots utilized Social media for the launch of their new line of boots.  The results were staggering , they sold 30 % more than their initial target at the cost of 60k USD.. half of the initially proposed marketing budget!!!

4)  Foiled Cupcakes:

Link to the Study

Social Media’s success is not limited to Fortune 500 companies only.   A lot of small business have utilized this powerful channel to get ahead from the competition.

Foiled Cupcakes, a small business selling cupcakes, was launched on Twitter!! (yes.. you read it right) and the company surpassed its initial revenues target numbers by over 600 percent.  Foiled Cupcakes uses only social media for marketing and does not utilize traditional advertising.  To date the company  has generated 93 percent of its business from social media leads.   The story of Foiled cupcakes is inspirational and proves that with little creativity, hard work (and some luck!!!) small business can also leverage the power of social media .

 5) 1-800 Flowers:

Link to the Study

The Flower retailer dabbled into facebook marketing with offering their fans 15% off their purchase and 50 FB credits to be used on Facebook games.  This specific campaign 4000 transactions for the company.  During the course of the campaign , 1-800-Flowers doubled their fan page count to 120,000  fans.

The question is not Whether Social Media works or not.. The question now is How to get Social Media to work.

Social Media is different from traditional advertising channels like TV and Print. What works with TV might not work on Facebook.

So now the biggest challenge facing the businesses is to come up with strategies and techniques to grow and engage their Fanbase.  After all an engaged Fan Base means an Improved Bottom Line