5 simple ways to make most of Thank you Pages

What are Thank you Pages?

When a user subscribers to a newsletter, he / she is then directed to a “Thank you for Subscribing Page”.  Most of the times these are plain vanilla Thank you pages, however with a few simple tweaks , these pages can boost the conversion rates for your website.

Why are they Important?

Optimizing a Thank you page is a huge opportunity. A visitor who has taken one action is likely to take second action.   A visitor who has subscribed to your newsletter has already engaged with your brand.  Utilizing the Thank you pages can further build your brand in eye of the visitor.   The ROI can be significant when compared to the amount of effort required to add a unique Thank you Page.

Tips to Optimize a Thank you Page

Here are 5  simple ways to build up your brand utilizing Thank you Pages

 1) Display Testimonials

By opting in for your newsletter, a user has already shown the signs of trust. Displaying Testimonials of real customers solidify the trust.

2) Show Offers / Promo Code on Thank you Pages

If you are an eCommerce store then this strategy can be effective. Provide users with a coupon code on the thank you page.  It can very well result in an impulse purchase.

3) Suggest them to follow your business on Social Media

Email is still the King when it comes to ROI but other Social channels like Fb and Twitter are also growing.  Thank you pages can be used to encourage users to follow you on Social Media Channels.  However you must give visitors a a compelling reason to follow you on Social Media Channels.

4) Showcase you best content.

This tactic can be very useful to keep a visitor engaged. Dont leave this opportunity to build up your brand. Embed you best content on the Thank you Page. It can be a blog post, a White Paper or a Video.

5) Add some Personality.

Instead of a plain vanilla Thank you Page, spice it up with some interesting information about your company. For example you can include some vital stats about your business like the year it was founded, its growth etc. You can also display a Meet the Team section. This will add a human element to your Pages.

However on must take note that this advice is of no value if you cannot get a user to signup for your newsletter.

In order to persuade a user to signup for your newsletter, you will need to provide a compelling value proposition.

Optimizing Thank you pages will not get subscribers.  So this advice is applicable if and only if you have an offer which persuades a visitor to subscribe to your newsletter

The ability to setup custom Thank you pages are extremely important and that is why we will be including this feature for all of our paid plans.  If you interested in trying out Spoon Talk then signup for our beta here.