5 tips to improve opt-in subscriptions to your email marketing list

We know building a permission-based list is more profitable than the ones you obtain by scraping or buying from agencies, but on the downside, it’s a time consuming activity. Depending on the content and traffic of your website, or the resources you use, making a healthy list might take months to build-up. Though there’s nothing bad about it, as the Rome wasn’t built in a day, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to boost up the subscriptions.

There’s no magical formula that will burst up your list with subscribers, but there are various ideas implementing which you can swiftly increase the subscription. Let’s have a quick look on few of the most effective ideas.

Tips to improve opt-in subscriptions on your website.

Placement of sign-up forms

This might sound silly, but a proper placement of the sign-up form matters a lot. It’s just like placing the ad units wisely to improve the click-through-rate (CTR). If your website contains long and interesting articles, placing a form just where the post ends might entice the readers to subscribe for the upcoming posts. For ecommerce websites, top of the sidebar or a subscription form on the check-out page does the trick. You can also attempt hit-and-trial to identify the best placement for your website.Continue Reading

Spamming vs opt-in email marketing – three reasons to say no to buying lists

The money is in the list.

If you have ever given the digital marketing thing a thought, you must have come across this phrase. Be it any form of marketing, unless you have an audience to market to, your campaign is like shouting in an empty auditorium. Wider the audience target, better it works. But the bigger question is, how do you get the audience?

Most of the entrepreneurs I meet during my assignments have more or less a similar marketing strategy in mind. They are open to strategize social marketing, content creation etc., but for email marketing, instructions are very clear i.e. buy a list and start sending newsletters. Sometimes, it’s really hard to make them understand that this is spamming, not marketing.

Fortunately, social marketing is already optimized for permission-based marketing. Audience would subscribe to your channel only if they want to hear from you. On the contrary, when it comes to email marketing, you can send your newsletter to not just hundreds or thousands, but millions of users with a click of a button. You can abuse this feature the way you wish, but does that work? What if you stop spamming, and start seeking permission to send newsletters? Which of the two is better? These are some questions we would be addressing in this post.Continue Reading