Some interesting Facts comparing Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing

Lately there have been a lot of discussions comparing Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.  Some people say that Social Media Marketing is the future and Email is dead while the facts suggest otherwise. The fact is that  Email still beats the light out of SMM.

No doubt email is boring and old and unsexy but it still is mighty effective.  Here are links to a few case studies which show how effective Email is for generating a positive ROI.

  • Email beats Facebook and Twitter combined as the top medium for sharing online coupons and discount offers.  Link to the source
  • Ecommerce companies have quadrupled customer acquisition via Email over last 4 years.  So much of the “Email is Dying” Propaganda. Link to the study 

Social Media Marketing does not compete with Email marketing, infact it complements email marketing. The goal of most of the social media campaigns is to build an Email list.  I know it sounds ironic but it is true.

The consultants have created the hype around social media killing email, but savvy business owners know that nothing can be farther from reality.