Yes Sir, Social Media does result in sales!!

A lot of us know that Social Media interactions does result into actual sales.

Unlike search, social sharing is not the perfect signal for intent. However, it does not mean that social media does not influence purchase decision. In Fact Social media does help in building intent or nudging visitors towards a purchase.

The correlation between social sharing and a purchase might not be as direct as between a search query and a transaction but it definitely is there.

A recent study from Vision Critical tries to quantify the impact of social sharing on purchase.

Here are some Key Takeaways from the Study:

1) 4 out of 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in store after sharing or favoriting it on Twitter , Facebook or Pinterest.

In other words it doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or a one man shop, in todays world presence on Social Media is a must. ¬†However Social presence is not going to be enough, you will need to come up with ways to engage with your fan base.

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