Why you should never buy facebook Fans

In this post I will discuss if it is a good practice to buy Facebook Fans. A quick search on the internet will show that almost everybody believes that buying Facebook fans are a bad idea. A lot of them say that buying Facebook likes is “outright cheating”.

Now whether buying FB fans are cheating or not is a subjective issue. The fact is if a service delivers ROI for a business then using it makes sense. So lets keep the ethics part aside and objectively analyze if buying Facebook likes is a good idea. Here is my opinion:

To put it bluntly, The practice of buying facebook fans is totally useless, worthless and provide no value to you as a business owner.

I know what you must be thinking… What harm can be there in buying some likes.  I will get 1000 likes and then I can start building the Facebook page. Sadly it never works this way.  The fans you buy are totally disengaged and have no interest in your website / product or service. They are paid to like anything and everything under the sun.

Instead of providing value, buying FB fans can negatively affect your business. It’s better to have 100 engaged and active followers than 10,000 inactive accounts and bots.

Here are 2 reasons why should never buy FB likes

 1) Waste of Money:

If you want to make money from your Facebook page then having an engaged Fan Base is a must.  Without engagement, Facebook likes are simple a vanity metric… something which makes you feel good but provide no tangible benefits.

Now if you are a business then the sole reason you are building a facebook presence is to build a community which helps in spreading awareness about your brand which in turn results in increased revenues.

Buying Facebook Fans will do no good because those so called fans don’t have any interest in your products & services. They are simply paid to like your page.

Buying likes are similar to buying an Email List.  If you buy an email list then most of the times your email will end up marked as spam.  Unless and until you are in the business of spamming , buying Facebook likes is not a good idea.

2) Negative ROI:

Yes, you read it right.. Fake Fans can result in negative ROI, Let me explain how.

First lets talk about Edgerank. Edgerank is an algorithm which is used by Facebook to determine what content to display in your news feed.  The visibility of a Facebook post is decided by its Edgerank. Its a mathematical algorithm and takes a lot of factor into account and one of the metric which matters a lot  is Affinity or Engagement.  Affinity is the measure of the relationship between a user and your brand page.  So if in past a user has interacted with your brand then your future posts are more likely to be shown to him again.

So Facebook is effectively measuring engagement. If a lot of fans engage with your content, it will help in increasing your organic reach. On the other hand if a very low percentage of fans engage with your content, it will negatively impact  your Edgerank. So by buying fake fans you are effectively bringing down your engagement rates and limiting your organic reach.

Buying facebook fans are out of questions. What other strategies can be applied to grow a Facebook Page?

There are a lot of way to grow a Facebook Fan Page. Here are some options

1) Leverage facebook Ads:

Facebook ads allow you to target real users based on interest.. so users acquired via Facebook ads have more chances of engaging with your brand

2) Contest and Giveaways

Facebook contest are super effective at building a Fanbase.  They are especially useful for B2C companies.  The internet is full with case studies which prove how effective they are at delivering ROI. We at Spoontalk are building a platform which will enable business owners to run effetive Social Campaigns

3) Fan only Discount / Content

Another good way is to incentivize users to Like your page in order to get a discount.  If you are a B2B company then you can like-gate whitepapers.

4) Leverage Existing Website Traffic and Email List:

Ask your website visitors to like you on Facebook. If you have a healthy list then it is a good idea to ask them to like you on Facebook. Here also you can provide some incentive for them to like you on Facebook

5) Promote it Offline:

Sounds counterintuitive but it is a good idea to utilize offline channels to promote your Facebook Page.

Now all these strategies requires patience,  money and Hard Work. But then anything worth doing is hard.. right?

In subsequent posts we will discuss how exactly these strategies can help us in growing our Fanbase. Till then Happy FBing!!