Without a doubt about 2021 Duotone Ultraspike SLS Kiteboard


dating and valentine's dayInnegra SLS Twintips: because of Innegra, SLS Twintips are particularly light, amazing durable, noticeable smoother and more responsive than just about some other Twintip. Added performance and durability without incorporating fat, the lightweight fibre Innegra makes it feasible! All SLS panels provide incredible dampening performance, are positively smooth in chop, enabling a cleaner edging and causing less leg and straight straight right back weakness. SLS Twintips are loaded with extremely managed and pop that is explosive to less vibration in comparison to normal carbon panels.

Torsion Flex: The unique form of the cap that is 3D torsion associated with long axis associated with the board. This provides them more grip regarding the heel-side advantage, rich and smooth landings, a primary drive and better performance that is upwind. Developed by Duotone.

moderate Flex: The moderate Flex boards combine competition performance with every time convenience. Precise adjusted materials offer control, energy and convenience in only the way to feel well in just about every feasible condition that is riding.

area Flex tech: Space Flex changes towards the water’s area and improves all switching faculties. Stiff outside frame along with the soft guidelines produces smooth water launch and planing that is early. Decrease in swing fat facilitates easier tricks and quicker rotations.

Mono Concave Bottom: all the pure freeride panels are manufactured with Biax fiber when it comes to dampening that is best and convenience. The brand new, rounder outline helps it be enjoyable in chop as well as the wider tip area helps you to get started early. The right outline ‘s the reason once and for all pop music and razor-sharp advantage hold. Many of these panels can be slim helping to make them fast and guarantees the very best upwind abilities.

consumption Flex guidelines: According to a unique construction that is new of board when you look at the tip area, the information rocker line guarantees better reaction to changing circumstances. In underpowered cycling, the board continues to be flat for quick planing. The scoop bends and provides for an increased level of control and stability in overpowered riding. The flex tips absorb shocks and enable soft landings.

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The mix of Carbon and Innegra helps make the construction of this Duotone SLS Twintip series definitely unique. Innegra itself is a higher performance dietary fiber utilized in composite and textile applications and that can be changed into lots of reinforcements in Twintip design, providing smooth dampening and improved resistance that is breaking.

Coupled with carbon you will get a lightweight, but board that is durable amazing pop and precise feedback. This product combination creates excellent Freeride, Freestyle and Wakestyle Twintips that feel just in the home at the local spot or in a last temperature on the GKA Freestyle Tour.


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Textreme Innegra coupled with our various layups and brand brand brand new forms, provides the optimum choice for virtually any control in kiteboarding. The fine-tuned abilities of Textreme Innegra has a reaction to every action that will further your progression and enhance every session whether riding at your local spot or shredding the final heat of the GKA Freestyle Tour.

Strong, Light, Superior

Hooked on Progression and Innovation

Just exactly just What Duotone needs to state about SLS

This year we are using our revolutionary drive to raised grounds; we proudly introduce SLS – Strong Light Superior. Since 2001, we now have caused it to be our objective to really make the most readily useful kiteboarding gear to ensure that each and every single one of the sessions is the greatest. We created groundbreaking that is many such as the Simply Simply Simply Click Bar, Textreme Technologies and Trinity TX. Now oahu is the time for SLS.

We put it there for a reason whenever you see the SLS logo on a product, you’ll know. SLS items are built with the most recent, many revolutionary and just most readily useful materials designed for kiteboarding. Here is the gear we should drive, tuned to your millimeter over a lot of time. Simply therefore that individuals are 100% happy, to learn that individuals’re providing the best experience you can ever have together with your gear. This might be our secret collection making us smile simply considering it and makes butterflies within our stomachs, even with we’ve packed up and headed home for the afternoon.



We have been Ken, Kite Designer. We have been Elsa, Product Manager. Our company is Patrick, Marketing Supervisor. Our company is the designer excruciating on the drawing table. Our company is the manufacturer checking specs. Our company is the shaper glassing to the evening. We now have constantly strived to generate the gear that is best for the absolute escort in Sugar Land most cyclists.

However when we’re no longer working, we are playing. And quite often you want to just build gear for people. Once we’re regarding the water we do not worry about excel listings, market analysis, or efficiency amounts. In the water the only real metric is performance. We would like the very best kite gear that technology, materials, and design can create. Bar none.

Like us: always pushing yourself and your gear to the edge, pushing past that point, redefining what is possible and still demanding more; more from yourself and more from your gear: If you are one of us, we have something to show you if you are:

SLS is much more than Strong. SLS is more than Light. SLS is much a lot more than Superior.

SLS markings improvement in thinking. Forget instance studies and price that is hitting. Stop calculating exactly exactly what the masses want. Design something if you will lose absolutely nothing when it comes to performance that is ultimate.

SLS is actually the apex of what exactly is today that is possible. Utilizing materials both stronger and lighter compared to those formerly available, our company is proud that any item bearing the SLS monogram certainly is better than other things available.

SLS is certainly not about producing probably the most available gear, making the most of product product product sales or producing return. SLS is all about producing the fantasy gear for people who, them to redefine what they are capable of like us, appreciate gear that enables.

We have been Duotone. We work. We play. Complex. SLS describes the point of which those two drives meet. Where objectives of what exactly is feasible are met in what we could attain. SLS is where your aspirations meet our truth.


SLS represents another measurement of innovation, item design and quality. A notion centered on the most recent, most materials that are innovative our SLS items are the peak of visionary constructed solutions and gratification driven engineering in kiteboarding.

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